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Why Hire A Professional?

Let’s face it, entering into a remodeling project such as a kitchen; bathroom or an addition is not something the average homeowner does every day.  It is likely once every 10-20 years.  If that is the case, doesn’t it make sense to use the best materials and installation practices available so that you are making the most of your investment today? In the long run, it will save you money to hire a professional.

What does a professional bring to the table?


  • They can legally perform the service
  • Properly Insured – has insurance to cover the “what if’s” and the “oops” as well as requiring that any other entity that steps on the premises is equally insured
  • Financial – has a bond in place for homeowner protection
  • Peace of mind – someone that knows what they are doing
  • Warranty – stands behind their work


  • Experience
  • Understands current building codes and energy requirements
  • Membership with local trade associations
  • May attend national conferences for continuing education and exposure to the newest in products and technology
  • Is invested in continual learning and better building practices


  • Understands how to plan and organize a project
  • Ability to estimate costs that are realistic
  • Will assure that a project is well managed and stays on schedule
  • Allow for details to be planned for instead of popping up all the time
  • Always has a plan B


  • Has established relationships with their suppliers
  • Typically will not choose to use “big box” brands as a standard practice
  • Offers products to the client that are of good quality and value and that can be warranted
  • Will discuss the pro’s and con’s with a client about supplying their own products
  • Has a wider range of knowledge on what is available and able to recommend proper choices

The Team

  • Has a team that works together and has experience with one another
  • Has access and knowledge to interview for new additions
  • Has a wide network of professionals to ask for help and advice when needed
  • Can and will bring in additional help if needed to meet a deadline
  • Continually monitors each member for quality and legal qualifications are met

Will it cost more to hire a professional?

NO....and here are some reasons why

We’ve just reviewed what the professional brings to the table.  It is a common misconception that hiring a professional will cost more.  Why wouldn’t you just do this yourself and purchase all the materials off the internet?  It sure seems like that would be “cheaper”, wouldn’t it?

Time – What is your time worth?  If you are a busy professional, taking on a remodel requires time and energy during business hours as well as the time to physically do the work or supervise it.  Regardless of how you choose to do the work, someone will have to put it all together and monitor the progress….not to mention troubleshooting the problems that will come up.

I can buy it on the internet and save moneyA professional contractor will have established relationships with material suppliers and will shop for the best price for you.  The difference is that the “internet” isn’t going to jump to replace your defective part because it is holding up the project or worse yet, once it is installed and come to find out it is faulty.

My brother-in-law is an electrician and my neighbor knows a plumber….. The success or failure of a project is reliant upon everyone doing their job efficiently, on time and most of all reliably.   We’ve all had plenty of folks that “say” they can do something, but when it comes right down to it, can they really?  Can you afford to take the risk 10-20 times on the same project? It is 10-20 times, because that is likely the number of people that you will have to interview, hire and hope it works out.

I can hire a handyman and he’ll do it all… Carpentry, electrical, plumbing, tile…the list goes on.  There is a reason that each trade is a specialty and though some may be “good” at all, the chances are quite high that technique is lacking across the board.  Plumbing and electrical are in the wall and covered up so you’ll never know until there is a problem, and waterproofing for tile is an art and the most important part of the install…”what if”

I just can’t fathom spending $10,000 or more in my hall bathroom? The neighbor did it for $5,000!  The neighbor very well did spend $5,000…they likely went to Lowes or Home Depot, purchased the least expensive items across the board and either installed it themselves or hired a handyman.  It probably looks good at first glance because it is new, but how will it look in 5 years? Take a closer look at the details... Instead of remodeling every 10-20 years, this home will be in need of an update every 5 if they are lucky AND if nothing breaks or leaks.

At the end of the day, it really comes down to understanding the value that you and your home are receiving and the tradeoffs and risks involved in the supposed “savings”.  A professional is there to educate you and help you make decisions that are right for your home, your budget and your long term goals.  We do it every day and it is why we wake up in the morning.