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Urban Entertainment Kitchen

Transforming this kitchen from a cramped 64 SF space to a fully useable entertaining size of almost 200 SF has literally changed our client's use and enjoyment of their home. As the entire home is less than 1000 SF, maximizing use of every square inch was of utmost importance. Where entertaining friends for dinner was almost impossible before, now there is a weekly menu on the wall and friends often arrive for wine tastings and taco Tuesday.

As we designed this space, finding a way to incorporate the chimney stack that ran through the center of the home was a challenge. The new support post needed to be located in that wall and it was really the only place to locate the refrigerator. By moving the sink into the peninsula, we were able to add a full size dishwasher and relocate the gas range on the back wall of the kitchen. The cabinet at the end of the peninsula was designed for a small microwave and we incorporated a bookshelf for recipe books.

The combination of white painted cabinetry and black stone countertops give a simple yet classic update while the stone & glass mosaic backsplash add interest and is perfectly suited for our young urban couple. We were working with a tight budget for construction, and with a good portion being allocated to structure and non aesthetic work, we were careful to incorporate high quality, value oriented products into the project.

This project totally transformed this quaint West Seattle home into a place that allowed the couple to do what they enjoyed most; preparing healthy meals together and spending time entertaining friends and family.

Before photos