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Queen Anne Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling a small space is surely a challenge!  This 575 square foot condominium is owned by a young professional couple in Seattle, WA.  They loved their urban life, but the condo was built in the 80’s, was void of any personalized décor and the components of the home were failing.  They were busting at the seams for storage solutions.

Our client had a water issue in the tub/shower that had caused the grout to discolor and it was evident that cleaning would not take care of the problem.  They also had a vanity area that was seemingly a waste of space and not very efficient for our couple to share.

Updating this space meant replacing everything and creating a more useful vanity area.  We tiled the entire floor to make the space seem larger, and installed a vanity with two banks of drawers and a center sink.  We also installed a closet organizer to best utilize every inch of the shared closet. 

Before photos