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Kenmore Kitchen Remodel

Sometimes a remodel is not on your immediate agenda...Our clients went away for a holiday vacation and returned to find their home severely damaged by a burst plumbing connection in the upstairs master steam shower. Though it was a huge surprise (to say the least), it was the catalyst and the opportunity to make some significant changes in the home.

First and foremost, the kitchen was enlarged from it's original 10'x13' cramped footprint to almost 16' x 13' space with lots of storage and a new island. The formal dining room that was previously underutilized was moved into the kitchen to better fit the needs of the family for every day and hosting parties with friends. Windows were replaced and brought down to the stone counters to provide more natural light.

The powder room was previously, strangely located in the entry and our clients really wanted a laundry moved up to the second floor. We re-claimed space on the second floor from a built in sauna that was not being used for a hall laundry w/ barn door. Moving the laundry upstairs allowed us to move the powder room and entry closet back 3' to take over the vacated laundry space on the main floor.

Though previously, the remodel was a mere thought and on the wish list, this happy family now has an updated home that really fits their needs.

Before photos