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Bothell Hall Bathroom Remodel

Here is a hall bathroom that was in need of help!  We received a call to help this client with some water damage right before Christmas.  As you can see in the before photo, there is some water damage on the floor in front of the tub.  The caulking had failed and water was getting in between the tub and the floor material causing a water stain and fear that there was potential for water to come through a light into the kitchen if it were continued to be in use. 

During the initial consultation, we decided that the damage was not as bad as the homeowner thought it might be.  Family was coming for the holiday and we recommended drying the area out, re-caulking the seam to prevent further damage and get an area rug over it while we planned an update to the entire room.

Our client was relieved and also joyous that the time had finally come to remodel this space.  We started right after New Years and delivered a room worthy of the vision our clients had relayed in the initial meeting.

Before photos