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I wish I Would Have Known - Organizing Tips Before you Remodel your Kitchen

As a professional organizer for over 15 years, I have assisted many clients move back into their newly remodeled kitchen spaces only to hear them say “I wish I only would have known or I wish I would have thought of”... while we were unpacking their kitchens.  Here are few suggestions and items to think about while you are designing your new kitchen space:

1.  Purge and clear out the items you no longer use or need in your kitchen before you design your new space.  We all have items in our kitchen that just sit there for “someday.”  In reality we will never use them.  Ask yourself the tough questions am I really going to use this?  When was the last time I used this?  And do I really need this taking up space in my kitchen?  This will help you truly see what you need to get rid of and the amount of space you need for each area of your kitchen.   It will also help reveal where you will need deeper drawers, where you will need pullouts in cupboards, or how the layout may be changed during the remodeling process.  These are all important issues to discuss with your contractor, so they can design the perfect kitchen that best suits your needs.

2. Think about layout of the items you use most.  How you can change things up in your kitchen to make them more functional.  Maybe it is going from shelves for your bowls and plates to drawers.  Try using one of your drawers for a week and see how you like taking dishes out of a drawer instead of a shelf.

Think about where the silverware drawer should be.  Most of the time it should be located closest to where you eat so that if you forget a utensil, the retrieval process is quick and easy with less interruption of your mealtime.

Think about where you are going to put your spices.  Away from the oven in a cooler, darker space is preferred to extend the shelf life of spices.

Think about where you could have pullout drawers placed in your cupboards.  These save you time when taking out or putting back items.  This also saves your back and knees from having to get down on the floor to pull things out when needed.  The more help we can get with retrieval, the better the function of the kitchen will be.  Also in the pantry, pullouts save food from expiring because they’re not forgotten about in the back of the cupboards.  You can pull them out and see everything; saving you the hassle and expense of tossing expired items.

3. Another area clients wish they would have thought longer about is the space over the fridge.  Have it built out to fridge depth with a lazy susan.  This is a great place to store small electric appliances or items you don't use as often and the lazy susan makes for easy retrieval. 

As an organizer, the kitchen is one of my favorite places to organize.  This is the space used most frequently in the home.  By organizing it into sections and having the proper layout and design suited to the needs of the client, you can save a lot of time in the preparation, cooking and cleanup process.

I hope these suggestions and ideas will help you design the ideal kitchen for your needs. 

Linda Deppa is a Certified Professional Organizer and the owner of Uncluttered, a division of Northwest Interiors Unlimited, a professional organizing and consignment services company. She has a passion to help individuals and families reclaim their time and space in their homes and lives. Visit for more information. You may also contact Linda directly at 425.478.4664 or by email at

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