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Contractors are Gone - Now it's Time to Unpack & Set up your Kitchen

Contractors Are Gone, Now it's Time to Unpack

Now that your space has been completely designed for your needs, it is time to start unpacking your kitchen supplies. As a Professional Organizer, I have helped many clients move into their newly remodeled kitchens and would like to offer some quick tips and suggestions to help you save time and energy.

It is really important to maximize your new space and place kitchen items you use in strategic areas to make sure you make the most of your time when preparing meals for you and your family.

Organize your kitchen how you work in it.  Cooking tools, pots and pans should be stored near the stove and oven.  Dishes should be close to the dishwasher.  Drinking glasses should be close to the sink or refrigerator, depending on where you pour water to drink.  Coffee cups ought to be close to where the coffee maker is located. Baking items should be near where you would do mixing and preparing.  Locate knives and cutting boards in drawers or cupboards close to the counter surface you are most likely to do your chopping and food preparation. This strategy focuses on having your commonly used items within reach when you need them, which saves you valuable time.

Group like-items in baskets or bins in the pantry or pullout shelves.  Use bins that fit your space and your décor.  There are many options of material, color and size.  Use consistent bins for a clean and organized look; not just in the cupboards but also in the fridge.  

Have drawer dividers in your utensil drawers to ensure similar utensils are stored together.  This approach makes for quick retrieval of a spoon, spatula or other items instead of digging through a mixed-up drawer of utensils for that one item you need.

Spices and oils should be stored in a cupboard or drawer that is a cool, dry place away from the oven or stove as this helps keep them stay fresher, longer. Think about using a lazy susan to provide easier access to things in the back of the cupboard.  This move can also save you money and time as you can find things quickly while preventing needless repurchases of items you already have but could not locate!                                

Baking supplies storage is another place where you can save space.  Buy the airtight, square storage containers to store your dry goods in.  It keeps them fresher, longer and the square shape helps you maximize your space by allowing you to stack them as needed, using every inch of space you can.

If you have children, think about what items are at their level.  For older kids you will want certain items within their reach (cereal, snacks, etc.).

The most important thing is to take the time to determine the best and most productive layout for you and/or your families individualized needs. There is not one way to organize a space, we all think and use things in different ways according to how we process ideas or tasks.  Individualize the space for you.

I hope these tips and suggestions help you set up your kitchen in a way that can  save you time and energy while you're preparing meals for you and your family in your new beautiful kitchen!


Linda Deppa is a Certified Professional Organizer and the owner of Uncluttered, a division of Northwest Interiors Unlimited, a professional organizing and consignment services company. She has a passion to help individuals and families reclaim their time and space in their homes and lives. Visit for more information. You may also contact Linda directly at 425.478.4664 or by email at



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